Head of Fitness and Conditioning

Organisation: Liverpool Football Club
Country: United Kingdom
State: Liverpool
Job Type: Full time
Salary: 200000
Job Description

HEAD OF FITNESS & CONDITIONING    Reporting to:-    The Head of Sports Medicine and Sports Science    Duties/Responsibilities    To include:-    Management Responsibilities  Responsible for the staff, protocols and processes of all fitness coaches, sports scientists and any sports science interns working at the club;  Co-ordinate the activities of fitness support staff and specialist fitness consultants;  Manage the training facilities and equipment to ensure they are maintained in proper working order and that players show the required respect of facilities available to them;    Specific Responsibilities  Overall responsibility for ensuring players are at a physical level that allows maximum performance;  Design and implement an overall team, yet individually-tailored football-specific fitness program;  Control all aspects of player fitness, strength and overall conditioning;  Develop and implement injury prevention, conditioning and rehabilitation programs to players in conjunction with medical, fitness and coaching staff;  Conduct or assist in conducting any physical examinations, fitness testing, or similar in conjunction with the medical, fitness and coaching staff;  Design and implement programs and technologies to monitor players’ adaptation to the conditioning programs and playing loads;  Co-ordinate collection and interpretation of player monitoring data;  Attend match day to assist/implement on-field warm-ups and post game recovery as well as training of substitutes;  Assist in training on pitch where required;  Adapt relevant sports science techniques to player training, monitoring rehabilitation, assessment and skill acquisition;  Continually communicate information to players regarding fitness/assessment results, health, nutrition, monitoring and any other relevant issues;  Communicate regularly with fitness, medical and coaching staff concerning all relevant Sports Science issues;  Liaise with senior coach regarding all aspects of Sports Science;  Attend injury update/co-department meetings and all player training sessions;  Liaise with local universities regarding best-practice sports science and relevant applied research  Organise and attend fitness components of pre-signing medical protocols as required;  To be familiar with and aware of advances in fitness maintenance and to disseminate the same as appropriate to other members of the team;   Individual Responsibilities  Attend relevant conferences and sports science presentations where appropriate and distribute information to relevant department members;  Hold sufficient Professional Liability Insurance appropriate for working with elite professional football players;  Maintain notes to an excellent standard;  Liaise with football management and senior management staff in order to optimise player performance and overall health (subject to obtaining relevant consent and ensuring patient confidentiality at all times);

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