Head of Physiotherapy

Organisation: Liverpool Football Club
Country: United Kingdom
State: Liverpool
Job Type: Full time
Salary: 125000
Job Description

HEAD OF PHYSICAL THERAPIES DEPARTMENT    Reporting to:-    The Head of Sports Medicine and Sports Science    Duties/Responsibilities    To include:-    Management Responsibilities  Manage the day to day running of the Physical Therapies Department;  Manage the staffing of the Physical Therapies Department and co-ordinate the roles of all staff within the department;  Promote high levels of professionalism and patient confidentiality throughout the Sports Medicine and Sports Science team at all times;  Specific Medical Responsibilities  Hold the primary responsibility for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of all musculo-skeletal injuries to 1st Team players;  Triage injuries and co-ordinate who will be responsible for their management  Be available to attend all 1st Team match days to work alongside the Head Physiotherapist or stay behind and treat players at the club as required;  Monitor all training sessions on the pitch, or ensure another senior physiotherapist is made available to do so;  Liaise daily with the Head of Sports Medicine and Sports Science, and all other relevant medical, fitness and coaching staff with regards to all 1st Team players injury management, and injury prevention issues;  Design and implement/oversee player musculo-skeletal screenings to identify any pre-disposition to injury or poor performance;  Design and implement/oversee all injury rehabilitation programs for 1st team players, in conjunction with other medical, rehabilitation and fitness staff;  Design and implement/oversee an overall team, yet individually tailored football specific injury prevention program, in conjunction with other medical, rehabilitation and fitness staff;  Co-ordinate the integration of external health consultants utilised by the club or players at the club;  Co-ordinate inter / co-department meetings with regards to injury management;  Co-ordinate inter / co-department continual professional development activities;  Liaise daily with the Head of Sports Science with regards to the interpretation of player monitoring data  Organise and attend to musculoskeletal components of pre-signing medical protocols as required;  Attend consultations with specialists where necessary (within the UK or abroad as required) to ensure that appropriate treatment decisions are made;  To be familiar with and aware of advances in medical treatment and to disseminate the same as appropriate to other members of the medical team;      Individual Responsibilities  Attend relevant conferences and sports physiotherapy presentations where appropriate and distribute information to relevant department members;  Hold sufficient Professional Liability Insurance appropriate for working with elite professional football players;  Maintain contemporaneous medical notes to an excellent standard;  Support the completion of all relevant insurance forms and medical administration is completed (to include UEFA, Liverpool Football Club and players’ personal insurance);  Liaise with football management and senior management staff in order to optimise player performance and overall health (subject to obtaining relevant consent and ensuring patient confidentiality at all times);

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