Head of Sports Medicine

Organisation: Liverpool Football Club
Country: United Kingdom
State: Liverpool
Job Type: Full time
Job Description

HEAD OF SPORTS MEDICINE AND SPORTS SCIENCE    Reporting to:-    The Managing Director and Team Manager    Duties/Responsibilities    To include:-    Management Responsibilities  Management of the Sports Medicine and Sports Science Team providing care and services to First, Reserves and Academy teams  Overall clinical responsibility for the general health of players;  Overall responsibility for the athletic development of the players;  Responsibility for the appointment and supervision of the medical (Sports Medicine) team  Responsibility for the appointment and supervision of the fitness, conditioning and sports science teams  Ensure high levels of professionalism and patient confidentiality throughout the Sports Medicine and Sports Science team at all times;  Promotion of Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) within the Sports Medicine and Sports Science team and ensure compliance with any FA/Premier League requirements;  Liaise with football management and senior management staff in order to optimise player performance and overall health (subject to obtaining relevant consent and ensuring patient confidentiality at all times);    Specific Medical Responsibilities  Oversee the delivery by the 1st team doctor of: preventative strategies including vaccinations; annual screenings; diagnosis of injuries, definition of rehabilitation programmes and match day cover  Ensure there is liaison with specialists during rehabilitation;  Oversee the ordering of  investigations as required including Medical Imaging, blood tests, urine tests etc;  Organise and attend to pre-signing medical protocols as required;  Provide emergency match-day cover to ensure appropriate and efficient treatment as required;  Attend consultations with specialists where necessary (within the UK or abroad as required) to ensure that appropriate treatment decisions are made;  To be familiar with and aware of advances in medical treatment and to disseminate the same as appropriate to other members of the medical team;  Ensure adequate medical cover for reserve team and academy games;      Individual Responsibilities  Hold sufficient Professional Liability Insurance appropriate for working with elite professional football players;  Maintain contemporaneous medical notes to an excellent standard;  Ensure all relevant insurance forms and medical administration is completed (to include UEFA, Liverpool Football Club and players’ personal insurance);

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