Head of Sports Science

Organisation: Liverpool Football Club
Country: United Kingdom
State: Liverpool
Job Type: Full time
Job Description

'Head of Sport Science' / 'High Performance Manager' / 'Head of Performance'       To develop the strategy and definitions of procedures for a 'Performance' Department – (Sport science, Nutrition, Psychology)  Testing (physical, mental)  Classification of players according to test results  Training procedures  Training load quantification  Injury monitor & prevention (link with Medical)  Game analyses (physical component & link with Analysis department)  Dietetics/nutrition  Recovery protocols    To implement the defined strategy & coordinate the specialists involved (e.g. fitness staff, dietician, consultants, research panel)    To design & implement a 'Research department':  The strategy, plan, collaboration with experts throughout the world – to create a strong image of the club      The position would include planning of training in conjunction with coaches & medical department.  Also, budgetary responsibilities regarding the performance department- e.g. staff, consultants, equipment, facilities, related sponsorships)    The implementation of the procedures such as training, match day duties, recovery will be able to be shared between fitness staff so as staff can be used interchangeably.  I think 2 staff (Head of Sport Science + 1 other is sufficient to make up the 'fitness staff').  For example, sometimes 2 staff may be on the field if required and at other times when appropriate only 1 will be present on the field, warm ups can be shared etc. Also, 1 staff member may be predominantly responsible for match days (home and away) but an environment is created where staff can be used interchangeably.    Liaise with Football Director and CEO:  In conjunction with medical team to make recommendations on player longevity (may help in decisions to re-sign players or to sell them), also for planning of pre-season schedule & tours..    The position would ideally report to the 'CEO'

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