Sports Scientist

Organisation: Liverpool Football Club
Country: United Kingdom
State: Liverpool
Job Type: Full time
Salary: 50000
Job Description

SPORTS SCIENTIST    Reporting to:-    Head of Fitness & Conditioning and Head of Sports Medicine & Sports Science     Duties/Responsibilities          General Responsibilities  Responsible for the collection of various indices & sports science data for the 1st team- notably load monitoring  and training monitoring indices;   Overall responsibility for the analysis and presentation of all sports science data for the 1st team;  Responsible for planning of appropriate sports science strategies to pass on to the Fitness Coach and Strength and Rehabilitation Coach;  Assist in the physiological assessment of 1st team players;  Assist in the supervision of post training and stand alone recovery sessions with the 1st team;  Liaise with the Fitness & Conditioning staff and the Head of Sports Medicine & Science in order to optimise player performance and overall health (subject to obtaining relevant consent and ensuring patient confidentiality at all times);  Management responsibility for two MSc/PhD students (planned 2011)   Individual Responsibilities  Participation in internal and external professional development activities and a commitment to undertake ongoing formal education programs;  Maintain contemporaneous notes to an excellent standard;   Ensure high levels of professionalism and patient confidentiality;  Compliance with any FA/Premier League requirements;  To be familiar with and aware of advances in sports science and to disseminate the same as appropriate to other members of the department.

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